*** NOC of Md. Shahadat Iqbal(16.02.2019) *** NOC of Md. Abdur Rahim(03.02.2019) *** NOC of Kamrun Nahar(13.11.2018) *** NOC of Md. Ali Azmal(13.09.2018) *** NOC of Md. Feroj Hossain(20.08.2018) *** NOC of Masud Rana(20.08.2018) *** NOC of Md. Abdul Khaleq(14.08.2018) *** NOC of Md. Alamgir BulBul(13.08.2018) *** NOC of Khandaker Md Hasan Hafijur Rahman(05.06.2018) *** NOC of Mahmuda Afroz (30.04.2018) *** NOC of Md. Azad Hossain (18.02.2018) *** NOC of Minna Easmin (15.02.2018)

Our Mission

In fulfillment of its vision, the College, offers quality education and endeavors to form students in moral values: tolerance, justice, compassion, responsibility and deep love for the society, the country and the world. The College cultivates both mind and heart to become fully-developed and actualized human beings.

Our Vision

Pabna Govt Women's College envisions providing a comprehensive education to develop the whole person - committed, creative, productive, service-oriented, academically competent and responsive to face the challenges of the times. It is one great educational institute in greater Rajshahi Division. So every meritorious students are welcome here.